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  • 2020 is an auspicious year; musicians and music-lovers all over the world will be celebrating the 250th year since the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven - a universal genius who transformed the musical universe. Beethoven's great spirit sought to encompass the ideals of the French Revolution and the new spirit of humanism that was sweeping the world in which he lived. His music, passionate and personal, reveals the power that music has to convey the deepest emotions as well as a philosophy of life.

    This year, the Johannesburg Musical Society joins with the global music community in featuring much of Beethoven's music. However, our listeners will still enjoy programmes that are varied and which feature the music of other composers. As always, the Johannesburg Musical Society offers up a veritable feast of music, performed by superb artists from all over the world.

    Join music-lovers in the Linder Auditorium, St Andrews Road, Parktown - Johannesburg's most popular hall - to hear the superb classical concerts presented by the Johannesburg Musical Society.

    Here, in the comfort of the Linder, you can sit back and listen to masterful performances by artists from all over the world. Secure parking is yet another advantage offered by this venue, and you can also enjoy a glass of pre-concert wine or an excellent cappuccino and a slice of cake in the adjoining 27 Degrees Café, where you can also partake of an excellent pre-concert dinner.

    All Johannesburg Musical Society concerts are open to the public, who may buy tickets at the box office or pre-book them through Computicket. However, if you become a subscriber you'll enjoy the privilege of a permanent and pre-allocated seat at each concert as well as a free programme. A further benefit is that, as a member of the JMS, you'll be paying up to R45 less per ticket.

    Simply fill in the feed-back form on this website and send it to us. We will contact you immediately to assist you in becoming a member.

    Alternatively, telephone 011 728 5492 for help.
  • History:

    The Johannesburg Musical Society holds a special place in the hearts of music-lovers. The oldest music society in South Africa, it can trace its birth date right back to 1902, when Edward VII had just ascended the throne of England and the Anglo-Boer war had just ended.

    For well over 100 years it has held a unique place in South African musical history, presenting the world's most renowned solo and chamber performers, and also serving as a platform on which our own country's most impressive talents are presented to the wider public.

    The Johannesburg Musical Society has an appreciative and extremely loyal audience, and has been served - since its inception - by some illustrious names who have willingly given their time and skills to the Society. The Earl of Athlone served as its President, Sir Lionel Philips was its Vice-President and Major-General Baden-Powell (of scouting fame) was an early enthusiastic patron of the Society.

    The Johannesburg Musical Society continues - 108 years after its inception - to ensure that its audience members enjoy the very best of both established and emerging talent, thus maintaining its tradition of excellence.

    However, if the Society were to rely only on ticket sales and membership fees, there would not be enough funds to offer the superb variety which it brings to you. The Society is also assisted by its advertisers, as well as gifts and donations from concerned and committed parties, whose generosity makes it possible for the Society to plan a varied and exciting programme each year.

    Why don't you consider helping us to continue this proud tradition? You might think of placing an ad in the Society's programmes, or you might assist by making a donation or even setting up a trust or foundation that will fund an annual concert. The Society is registered as a non-profit organisation, and all donations are exempt from donations tax.

    Call us on 011 728 5492 to discuss how this may be done.

  • Calendar 2021:

    Please browse through our 2021 season at your leisure!

    Saturday 18 April : 16:00

    more ...

    Midrand Conference Centre

    6. Date and Artist to be announced.

    7. Date and Artist to be announced.

    8. Date and Artist to be announced.

    9. Date and Artist to be announced.

    10. Charl du Plessis Trio
    Sunday 7 November : 16:00


    more ...

    All Johannesburg Musical Society concerts are open to the public, who can book at Computicket. But remember, that if you're a member, you pay far less for tickets and you also have the privilege of preferential booking and a free programme.

    For more info telephone 011 728 5492 or e-mail us.

    Thanks to our sponsors:

    Percy Baneshik Memorial Trust

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